Arjun Kapoor: I’ve been having no-strings-attached affairs for the last eight years

asdfghjHey, your friend is busy right now. Can I take a message?” asks Arjun Kapoor playfully, as he answers a call on my phone. “Or even better, why don’t you talk to me,” he goes on, teasing my friend. As she tries to gather her wits, the actor finally reveals his true identity. Needless to say, she’s over the moon. After hanging up, he sheepishly smiles, “I hope you didn’t mind. I just thought that’d be fun.” 

In fact, I thought it was rather cool. After all, it is not every day you meet a jaunty actor who leaves you amused rather than awed. Arjun’s a charmer without being aware of it. Add to it, his frankness and the effect is lethal. 

How have you found the trade-off between stardom and losing anonymity? Success demands sacrifices. I believe it’s a small price to pay for the adulation and love one receives. I’m not the kind who will crib, “Damn it, yaar, I can’t go out and eat bhel puri.” If you choose this profession, you have to live with such things. Plus, I’d rather be known than be anonymous any day. I enjoy it. People who say otherwise are lying. 

Do you fear losing success? Yes, I do. If that ever happened, I’d work doubly hard to get it back in some way or the other. 

It’s addictive, isn’t it? Yes, it becomes second nature. It’s like wearing clothes. And if it’s taken away, you feel naked. 

Are you single? Yes, very much so… 

Why? You are eligible and charming… Yaar, I barely have time to go and watch a film in the theatre these days, where will I find the time to date a girl?

But don’t you want that special someone? On some days, I do. But on other days, I’m glad I am single because I’m not answerable to anyone. 

What qualities do you like in a girl? It’s silly to have a prototype because one inevitably falls for someone unexpected. My only criterion is – she shouldn’t just look nice, she must have a personality too. A relationship will be futile if it’s based just on physicality. Intellectual stimulation is a must for me. 

Rate Arjun Kapoor, the boyfriend on a scale of 1 to 10… I haven’t been in a relationship for eight years. So I can’t say. But most men would score between six and seven. If a man is a good listener and good in bed, he’ll hit a seven. If he’s only good in bed, he’ll strike a six. Eight or nine is for those one-in-a-million men who don’t exist. 

You’ve not had a relationship for eight years? Affairs, of course yes! But I’ve not been in a relationship. I’ve been having no-strings-attached affairs for the last eight years. Absolute convenience is what I would call it. I keep saying I am a late bloomer. So, I am making the most of it! I never knew I could enjoy so much freedom. So, if I don’t make the most of it now, what’s the point? Maybe, I’m still single because a part of me wants to have some more fun. Unlike most, I never did it between 17 and 24. So, I need to make up for those years. But yes, I would be a committed boyfriend if I were in a relationship.

How many purely physical relationships have you had? (Laughs) I’ve had many. 

What’s your deal-breaker on a date/relationship? Bad breath. Even if she is the most stunning girl in the world, I wouldn’t care. In a relationship, it’d be my woman not understanding my profession. I don’t expect her to be okay with every thing I do, but there are certain aspects she has to be okay with, like my timings and travelling. 

Where does fidelity stand? Would you take back a cheating partner? If I am in love with her, it would be heart breaking and gut-wrenching and I wouldn’t be able to take her back. If it’s just superficial and physical, then maybe it won’t affect me so much. Then again, these are all hypothetical situations. You can never tell how you will react until you’re in that situation. Love is a two-way street. So, a lot depends on the relationship you share with the other person. 

What have you learnt about women so far? I have learnt that women are superior beings. They have a higher threshold of pain and are more understanding and accepting than men. Also, if you listen to them, you’ll understand them better. 

Your wildest fantasy… Oh, I have enough fantasies. And I am not about to reveal them. They are for me to know and the girl I am with to find out. 

What would you sell your soul for? I’d sell my soul to get my mother (Mona Kapoor) back. The loss of a loved one leaves a vacuum in your life that can never be filled. Ever. You can go around living a normal life but the pain always hits you when you least expect it. And suddenly, you’re left dealing with a fresh wound all over again. 

Tips to impress a girl on the first date
Be yourself: Don’t try to be someone else. Your fraudulence will shine through. 

No corny jokes: Laughing often breaks the ice but corny jokes only lead to awkward silences. 

Do not complain: No one likes whiners! 

Be courteous: Hold the door, keep your phone away and don’t stare at other people in the room.

Credit: Raedita Tandan 

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