Punjab 1984 – Real incidents in misshaped facts

Promotions gave me the idea of story based on real happenings during 1984 and I was able to relate. I witnessed lot more than usual.

The movie starts with death of a character who gets killed by army while he was going to Darbar Sahib on martyrdom anniversary of Guru Arjun Sahib Ji. But surely the facts were distorted as the story dwells to show the police torture/ atrocities on masses, the (Sikh) militant movement is also exclaimed as a cruel movement.

It surely connected to audience due to the special mother-son bond of Kirron Kher and Diljit Dosanjh. The movie rotates around the group of self-proclaimed militants struggling against the original ones. One elderly militant says ‘talk to Delhi, there is no use of bullets’. The other says ‘the power of gun will bring out Khalistan’.  Some militants who thought that such killings were wrong go to assassinate that militant leader but the hero of the movie do not fire the bullet at that leader.


But at the end the militant group leader of which Diljit Dosanjh was member and his elderly adviser are shown as traitors who were ultimately killed by him in the movie.

The emotional link with the title surely attracted the audience and they shall experience fine acting skills by the stars.

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