Rihanna a Nightclub Look

Pop star Rihanna always manages to look classy be it her live concerts or her night club outings. She was spotted partying at the Venus nightclub and she sure looked hot!

She looked simple yet stylish in a Venus x Mars Spock Sweatshirt and Buck Rogers Sweatpants. The DYLANLEX Falkor II Necklace and heavy eye make up added to the look of the ensemble.

rihanna-nightclub-pic167147 rihanna-venue-nightclub-venus-mars-spock-t-shirt-buck-rogers-sweatpants-dylanlex-falkor-II-necklace rihanna-venue-nightclub-venus-mars-spock-t-shirt-buck-rogers-sweatpants-dylanlex-falkor-II-necklace-1 rihanna-venue-nightclub-venus-mars-spock-t-shirt-buck-rogers-sweatpants-dylanlex-falkor-II-necklace-2


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