Glam Capture Special With Shantanu Maheshwari

Photo 27-05-2014 13 48 42The Radiant and optimistic Swayam was found to be pragmatic and fun Shantanu Maheshwari.

The charismatic dancer was democratically chosen as the Best Dressed Actor and on demand, we made an attempt to explore him more.

Read to know more about the versatile actor.

What is your style statement and has it changed since you became a celebrity?
To be very frank and very honest when i heard that i have won because i dint know i have been nominated, so when i got to know i won this Best Dressed Man on silver screen i was very surprised (laughs) i was like where has this come from because i dont really think i have a style statement but i feel whatever you wear you should be comfortable in (still surprised) actually i want to again thank my fans.

Also nothing as such has changed of what i was before and now, just changed a little bit as earlier i was too careless to what to wear now i care AT TIMES not really always.

You and Vrushika bagged the position of 3rd hottest Indian TV Jodi in a poll conducted by a coveted British Weekly, so could you tel us which is that one scene with vrushika that fits for this title?
 I don’t think there is any particular scene as such all the scenes together and its more of the chemistry between us which is why i think we won the award also it is not right on my part to select any one particular scene.

What do you do to get a smile on your face and pull yourself up when you are upset/sad?
My fans wishes and support i read their messages i have alot of cards given by fans so i just go through them and get motivated seeing the efforts they have put in for me and for D3 and otherwise i just listen to songs and simultaneously see my fans messages and letters.

Does being a celebrity prevent you from being or doing something you really like?
Not really because as of now i don’t think i am that big of a celeb because i do what i used to do so that’s not an issue.

Which are the first three things you generally do after reaching the sets?
Wear my lenses (bursts out laughing) Get my make up done and change to the costumes.

If you could describe yourself through a song, which would it be?
I don’t think they have written any such song which describes me as such (Smiles)

Any plans after D3?
No as of now not really.

 Would you opt for any reality show in future?
If i get a offer i don’t mind doing them but as of now nothing.

You and Vrushika seem to be doing a lot of pranks off screen, any favorite prank played on her by you ?
We don’t play pranks as such, it’s a rumor that we both play pranks nothing like that (smiles) We do but it’s very situational nothing like a planned prank or something.

Ye hamare Amar and Bharat karte hai. They do alot of pranks, they have these planned pranks when we have outdoor shoots. I Massy Amar we do situational pranks.

Any special message for you fans who nominated and voted for you?
I want to thank them for voting and nominating me, it really means alot. It’s nice to know that people like the way you carry yourself thank you very much guys really means alot. Also i would take this opportunity to thank Palki mam because half of my styling comes from her or rather i should say i ask her.

Again Thank you fans love u guys alot.

All your fans want to know when will you join twitter? They are waiting for it?
(laughs) I really don’t know when because i cant operate and use it always so whats the point of being a dormant member on twitter so i think its better to not get into it. Also i want to tell my fans which ever account pretend to be me are all fake.

Its just a request from fans they would love to see you in a hair gel look?
I will surely keep that in mind and maybe i’ll try in my next look or some dance.

Glam Capture wishes Shantanu all the best for his career and he’ll be the winner in long run.

  • anushka shankar

    Thank You GlamCapture for this interview 🙂 Thanks a lot ^_^ Loved all his answers 🙂 And last question or rather suggestion is something which we definitely want to see him doing that 🙂

  • k

    aww jus luv shan n d3

  • sanchi

    firstly thanks Glam Capture for the poll and this article
    it feels great to know more about him
    wish someone actually write a song on him which could describe him completely

  • Sarah

    Eeeee thank you so much for this interview Glam Cap!! ^_^ Love you so much Shantanu! You’re the BOSS B| B| <3

  • nisha

    love u Mr. Shantanu Maheshwari..he is such a modest, down to earth, hardwork celebrity..more than love I respect him for his hardwork n dedication

  • shree

    Shantanu Maheshwari love you <3

  • neha

    Aww he is a sweetheart thank u glam cap for the poll and this awsum iv keep smiling tannu and we are always there for u

  • Sakshi

    Shantanu you really are so awesome. <3

    Love you so much…
    Just be like this only…

    Your fan forever!! B|
    God bless you!!! <3

  • Sakshi

    Also gel hair!! Yeahhh! so eager to see him in that avtarrr! 😀 <3

    Thanks Glam capture for this 🙂

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    thank u Glam Capture… fr dis sweet article of Shantanu… Shantanu, we love u lotttttt

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    Thanks a lot,,,,it realy means a lot fr us to hear something frm shantanu side…………nd thanks fr letting us show our love nd support fr him…..glam capture u rockkkkkk

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    Thanks Glam Capture for this interview. Love you Shantanu
    Waiting for his gelled hair look 🙂

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  • akku

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  • k

    we want more article on shantanu n vrushika or other d3 members plz @glamcapture

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    Aww he is so adorable! ^__^ Love Shantanu to infinity and beyond! <3 <3

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    Is supeb actor an ur the my fav actor d3 show nice

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