Hema Malini slammed for insensitive tweets by Kamya Punjabi

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Hema Malini’s insensitive tweets in connection to Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case

Supposedly India’s dream girl Hema Malini is getting slammed for her insensitive tweets in connection to the Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case. Suicide is not an option but ranting about a deceased is insensitive and does not make one look great.


Pratyusha and Kamya share a strong bond since both met in Bigg Boss Season 7

Kamya Punjabi openly slammed Hema Malini for her insensitive tweets. Kamya said,”Who is she? Has any of her friend hanged themselves to a fan? Ask her (Hema Malini) this question first! Talking in such matters is easy but when you lose a close person in your life you will understand how it feels.People who talk in such an insensitive way in serious matters are senseless.Such people should go and find some work first and later comment on some one’s death.”

Rahul Raj’s lawyer backed out of the case on humanitarian grounds due to Rahul and his family hiding facts connected to the suicide. Rahul Raj supposed to get arrested but due to his ill-health police can’t take further action in the case.

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