Ajaz Khan and Dolly Bindra attempt hogging lime light in Pratyusha Banerjee suicide case

Guess some people aren’t having enough lime light in the news these days! These set of contestants never shied away from controversies in Bigg Boss but Dolly Bindra and Ajaz Khan have once again shown the nation their desperate attempts to become relevant in eyes of the public.

MUMBAI, INDIA ? JULY 23: Pratyusha Banerjee, who plays the new grown-up Anandi in the serial Ballika Vadhu, during a press conference in Mumbai on July 23, 2010. (Photo by Yogen Shah/India Today Group/Getty Images)

Dolly Bindra reportedly recorded Pratyusha Banerjee’s mother heart breaking melt down on a phone interview where Dolly Bindra dons the role of a journalist, questioning the mother repeatedly on Pratyusha’s where about. The audio clipping sold to a news agency and carried across various news websites. Seriously we don’t understand what Dolly Bindra tried to prove by recording a mother weeping on her daughters loss. How can some one be so inhuman and heartless.Dolly did not have the decency in offering condolence to Pratyusha’s mother instead heartlessly harasses the mother like a news journalist. 


Ajaz Khan who we all know can do anything or everything to stay relevant. He openly alleged the suicide as a murder to media and took Rahul Raj Singh name publicly as a suspect in  Pratyusha’s demise.  We don’t understand why would Ajaz try to hog lime light in a serious case and what would he benefit from all this? Instead Ajaz Khan is making things more complicated for the police.

Glam Capture hopes Pratyusha Banerjee gets justice and urge readers to not encourage people’s statement not relevant in this case, which is leading to wrong details surfacing in media.

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