Colors TV blames Kapil Sharma for cancellation of Comedy Nights With Kapil

Colors TV this week lashed on comedian Kapil Sharma for unprofessional behavior on his part that lead to cancellation of Comedy Nights With Kapil. The channel faced the heat of viewers and CEO Raj Nayak released a statement calling out Kapil Sharma for breaching the exclusivity contract he had with the channel. 


Colors TV confirmed cancellation of Comedy Nights With Kapil was a financial decision as the channel had to pay a huge amount to Kapil every week,despite the show airing once a week. Raj Nayak called out Kapil Sharma’s manager for unprofessional behavior with channel authorities.He also stated Kapil and his team got insecure of the rating of Comedy Nights Bachao.

The battle between Colors TV and Kapil Sharma is getting heated up with allegations being thrown at each other.Stay tuned to @GCShowbiz on Twitter for exclusive updates.

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