Parth Samthaan – Silent Screams #WeStandByParth

Silence is the loudest scream if only you have the heart to hear it. A person’s silence is not his weakness but his strength to let go off the negative and the people who are not worth of his words.
It seems to be an open season on Parth these days; anyone and everyone comes and takes a dig at him. They come, tell the world how bad he, preach something about humanity and leave. People who know him or don’t know him all seem to have great knowledge to give to the boy and all he did was being patient and took everything in with great dignity.


 His silence makes me wonder who is he; what is Parth Samthaan made off? Is he even human? Because the amount of flak he has received can break down anyone. Of course he is broke, he has cried, he has been shattered after he is human. But he picked up his broken pieces, pasted a smile which came through the pain and tears and told the world, his fans to be happy and be positive. The positivity, dignity, maturity and calmness that this 24 year old has showcased wish some people much older to him had that. His silence doesn’t make him weak, in fact it is his biggest strength.

He has the ability to stay calm and hold the fort with all his strength. Parth is not the person who would come running to press and claim his side of story, he doesn’t believe in taking private matters to public, But when silence breaks it makes the biggest noise. He was pushed to the edge where he had to speak up to save his dignity. People questioned his sexuality and just like everyone it was a nightmare for him to declare to the world that he is straight. How sensitive it is on the part of media to get a person into such scenarios.


 When he spoke he spoke truth which echoed loud and clear. Even after getting negative reviews from anyone and everyone he held no grudges for them. That’s what separated Parth as a MAN from boys. He claimed no one is saint which holds true 100%. No one is a saint; you, me him or the people questioning him. Then why everyone turned a saint and questioned him. He was accused of changing statements and he set the record straight that he didn’t. his personal life was dragged in public and people tried everything possible to tarnish his image but he stood tall amid the chaos.



And then came the alleged tape where he reportedly abused his co actor. I am not justifying here that Parth did the right thing but is he the only person to be blamed. Was the tape real; we all know how easy it is to morph these things. A private conversation was recorded; how legal is that in India (I don’t have much knowledge on this) but I guess it’s illegal. The person recording the conversation had no problem when he heard the word. He didn’t even react to it as if nothing absurd was spoken so who gave him the right to cry wolf now? The lady in question why did she allow the tape to be leaked on SNS; didn’t she gave right to everyone to question her? Then why is Parth only singled out? Why is Parth asked to issue a public apology; it has to be a private one. He was not the person leaking the conversation. Why everyone is crying over Parth abusing what about the whole conversation where he complained how people around were making things difficult and miserable for him. Why do we victimize only the female here cause Parth is a guy he can’t be victim

Lastly coming to the word that Parth reportedly used which in English means idiot. We all have been frustrated in our professional lives and used swear words like this one or maybe worse. That is the truth, as I said no one is a saint here. So people can’t deny they have never used it or heard it for themselves but do they consider themselves abuser when they use it? I guess no then why Parth. His ex colleagues have used much more derogatory language on SNS for fans and posted an objectionable picture of the same female co star so aren’t they abusers? They have dragged a painful matter like Nirbhaya into all this aren’t they the abusers? If the answer to all this is no then even Parth is not an abuser. 

Parth Samthaan is human being like us. He makes mistakes like us, he breaks down like all of us. But unlike us he has been cornered and ganged against. His fans have rallied with him and will keep doing so till the end of time. Parth wants to end this all so do we. He like everyone wants to progress what’s wrong why was he bullied for having dreams. His interviews have been claimed false or if they are false so are others too.

Just because Parth has exemplary patience he is considered weak but he is not. His strength comes from the pain that he has endured these days. It is said when the night is darkest the stars shine brightest. So when you look for those stars Parth look into the mirror cause you will find the brightest star i.e YOU.

I am Sweta, and I am proud to be Parth Samthaan’s fan. My love for him will never change. Yesterday, today and tomorrow I will love Parth the same way. #WeStandByParth.

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