Truth wins no matter what #WeStandByParth

“Courage is what keeps you going, courage is what gives you strength to fight and courage is what provides you success”

Parth Samthaan the guy who was born with a silver spoon always had a dream to join the industry be part of this world of fame, fans but he didn’t know that all this comes with the pain of getting hurt, pain of losing but he was positive that when a person gains courage to full fill his dreams then the person can achieve it in every way possible. He placed his mark as the most professional, humble, positive guy/actor ever. He got a fan following of millions he never even imagined about that it was all because of himself,the person he is so positive down to earth.

He rules heart of millions, the heart throb of everyone but little he thought that fame gave him enemies too. Many actors got same pain but they got from enemies but he got from his friends or say so called friends. Previously on many occasions he was bashed openly but he stood strong and never budged,never spoke anything against anyone,he was always quite humble to everyone but this controversy ruled out everything,the guy who was a happy go man was pulled into darkness by his so called friends right before New Year when everyone was celebrating and welcoming new year,he was in pain. The What’s App controversy created a havoc in the media and SNS within seconds this news was flooded that Parth is not a nice guy,he is an abuser and what not he was defamed to such an extreme be it twitter, instagram or media houses everyone was after him including people who were supposed to be with him said against him and that to such an extreme that Parth had to come out and speak and tell everyone what his POV. Media houses twisted the story to utter most extent but one thing which was positive in all this negativity is Parth Samthaan fans…US WE FANS… when we saw all this it was clear to everyone including me that it’s not Parth’s fault at all,he is not to be blamed that is when we started #WeStandByParth trend everywhere. This trend was not to fight with enemies, it was just to show how much we love him and no matter what the circumstances are,we stand by Parth at every step of the way. And also to tell if they think we are supporting him even if he’a wrong so they are incorrect,we are not supporting him just like that, we support him because we know he’s right.

What was his fault,why was he defamed,why only Parth? Just because he stood against the wrong and decided to not go for unfair ways which are being forced on him because he listened to his heart and did what was right for him was that his fault, he got all this success on his own and yet is being blamed at age 24 and he gained all this success and huge fandom and in returns all the love with utter most respect to his fans he feels so happy when fans show their love in different gestures. He is a guy who is kind hearted and pure.

He was mentally tortured and yet he stood calm,he said nothing,do we have even a slightest clue what he went through,I guess not! People used to come every single day and talk about him but he said nothing but when the pain rose to such an extent that it was un bearable he spoke and when he did, then also he was calm didn’t bash people who spoke ill about him but rather he thanked the people who supported him and also thanked people who didn’t support him but he stood strong with positivity.

I was disappointed with all this I still am but then I thought if this would happen to a girl we would have killed the guy because it happened to a girl but here it happened to a guy so then why so much difference? Why girls are given importance in such a matter and guys are not given much.Casting coaches do this! Big actors think they can use any way to defame him but they can’t! Leaking a recording saying saying awful things won’t change the love and respect he gained at every step and we will support him against wrong and Insha Allah he will win this battle of truth because it’s his truth VS their lies and truth always win!

My name is Sehr and I am from Pakistan. I stand by Parth Samthaan forever and hamesha

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